February round of Whole 30

Good morning all!!! So I’m back at Whole 30 for February after a week long trip to CA with my husband. It was impossible to stick to Whole 30 those last few days of the month while traveling and being at a conference. So, I tried to keep it as Paleo as possible! 😊 But am back at Whole 30 this month because this is what helps me feel the best. So even while being super busy, I’ve had a healthy breakfast and even celebrated the Super Bowl with my coworkers with compliant wings!
My yummy banana and almond butter. I’ve fallen in love with Mee Eat Paleo Nut Butters. BEST stuff you will ever taste!!!

My attempt for compliant wings for the Super Bowl. It’s Sticky Slow Cooker Wings that were amazing!!!!

I’m attempting to broaden my breakfast foods and found this recipe. Decided to try it! It’s Sweet potato oats. Definitely one I’ll be repeating!!!

Hopefully everyone is enjoying their week!! Today is meal prepping for me!!!

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