Week 1 and 2 of Whole 30

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days, between work, the gym, my family, and work…it’s hard to maintain sometimes. 

So my first 2 weeks of Whole 30, I’ve survived. I failed to go to the gym the number of days I wanted. My plan is to continue to improve this. I have eaten well and preparing food ahead with a meal plan is the key to being successful. 

A few pics of my meals for the past 2 weeks. Some days it was busy and I didn’t remember to take pics. 

Sweet potato breakfast casserole loosely adapted from Stockpiling Mom’s version. I tweaked mine a bit and used homemade chicken sausage with a recipe from  Jay’s Baking Me Crazy. Super yummy. 

 I also made sweet potato enchiladas from Paleo OMG. My husband and son requested more meat than when I had cooked this recipe before, so to accommodate that I layered the sweet potatoes like lasagna with the meat and enchilada sauce in between. Turned out delicious with a side salad with Whole Sisters Dump Ranch.

 Super yummy leftovers for lunch. 
 Creamy Artichoke Chicken from Life Made Full Smashed potatoes…didn’t really follow a recipe. Just Yukon Gold Potatoes that I roasted in the oven. Creamy Lime Chicken from A Saucy Kitchen . Turned out super yummy. All of these meals were Whole 30 compliant AND delicious. My husband and son (who are against healthy eating) devoured these meals. 


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